Belleruche – 3 Amp Fuse

I really like throwing the word "epic" around in my ramblings about music here at Those Who Dig. I probably shouldn't use it so liberally based on the nature of the word, but fuck it – lot's of things just hit me in big ways. Like this track from London's Bellruche. Epic.

Here's the best way I can describe this track (non-musically) – A secret agent is running full sprint in a classy tuxedo with his gun waving in one hand. The shot cuts back and forth between him and the flock of muscled goons breathlessly chasing him down. Suddenly we zoom out to see that the chase is occurring on a mountaintop. Our hero is nearing the edge where death most certainly awaits him if he falls. With a quick stall and turn-around to check on the goons, he leaps off the edge.

Here's a far less hyperbolic, technical breakdown – "3 Amp Fuse" let's you know it's going to be big and bad right from the get-go. The first sound you hear is a heavy, beating kettle drum that lingers in the background of the song, just in case you forget how big and bad the track is supposed to be. Add in a catchy, repeating rhythm section and a pretty, melodic vocal performance from Kathrin deBoers and there you have it. An epic pop tune.

Here's the video that doesn't include nearly enough (any) secret agents:


The track is from Belleruche's 2010 album 270 Stories and it should be picked up by you. For reals.