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Beat Radio – Golden Age

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Let's start this one by saying that one of my New Year's Resolutions is to stop procrastinating on posting awesome stuff. I often hear really good music that I put off writing about so I can spend more and more time with it, and then end up never actually writing. That ends here with Beat Radio.

As a music blogger, it's funny the way you are introduced to music sometimes. I am proud to say that I came across Brian Sendrowitz and Beat Radio via Twitter. I noticed a little back and forth between @wearebeatradio and friend of the Dig, Mr. Dysonsound himself and upon further investigation, the music was awesome.

Beat Radio's newest album Golden Age is a flurry of deep sound, raw production, and beautiful flourishes. Sendrowitz purposefully recorded the album spontaneously and on the fly, minimizing the glistening, inorganic sheen of overproduction. What's left in it's place is a testament to pure talent and emotion speaking for itself. As you're swept up and lost in the reverbed guitars, heavy snares, and cathartic vocals you forget all about overdubbing and auto-tune. You're left to feel what Sendrowitz felt as he recorded. I don't mean to make this sound mopey and introspective – it's also rockable and danceable. There's a little bit of everything you could ever want here.

Golden Age demands repeated listening and the best way to do that is on limited edition, gold vinyl for only 10 bucks. You can also download the album for only 4 bucks.