Baobab – Magdalene Street

Baobab, the recording project of Phil Torres, just released a new album BAYOHBAHB physically Tuesday and a new video for track "Magdalene Street." You should check them out.

One thing I've always really dug about Baobab is the fusion of the electronic with the organic. Take "Magadalene Street." Musically, that means a juxtaposition of the gurgling effects and the stretched out synth parts rubbing up against a guitar and mandolin, as well as a straightforward melodic verse clearly sung echoed by layers of more abstractly harmonic voices that fracture what is said. The elements stand out enough to notice, but they also fit well as a whole and make for a very compelling listen. This track and the rest of BAYOHBAHB really shine on headphones. Dive on in.

The video takes a less seamless approach to the juxtaposing aspect of the Baobab sound by flitting through a variety of odd yet transfixing clips. Though strangely, there seems to be some sense of logic to it, or at least a cohesive vibe. The hawk grabbing the deer totally surprised me and set a tone of preparing for the unexpected through everything that came next. Nothing else was quite as wild to me, but I think my favorite moment is right around the 2:00 minute mark when it gets all sci-fi. As the song opens up and goes into orbit, there is a sort of futuristic cityscape looking image at a weird angle, then some solar system-like shots. It makes for a cool pairing.

You can pick up the album, which I enjoyed listening to quite a bit, here on bandcamp.