Baby Baby – Fire!

Baby Baby – Fire!

Baby Baby formed in 2009 in Georgie and consists of Fontez Brooks, Kyle Dobbs, and Grant Wallace. They're a goofy bunch of fluorescent short wearing dudes who make music because it's fun as hell and they want you to have a damn good time. While I'm an emotional sap and I love music that reflects it, I'm also way into bands that fundamentally love the entertaining aspect of music. It's fun to rock out, dammit! Plus they were once described like this:

Baby Baby are if the "Bad Brains and Kings Of Leon had a baby that was styled by In Living Colour and was raised by Lamar of Revenge Of The Nerds".

The song starts out slower with a pulsing bass line giving you no idea what's in store. When Fontez Brooks' wild vocals kick in and he drops the line "I'm not crying, it's my allergies", you start to realize you're in for a good time. The instruments slowly build with a guitar riff and sleigh bells and a drum beat that drives and drives. While Brooks yelps the tempo climbs and everything suddenly explodes into a loud, sing-a-long chorus of pure fun and energy.

The break down that starts around 1:40  is a great fuckin' touch. It's hilarious and oozes pure cheesy sex at the same time. I liked the song before this, I loved it after.


Baby Baby's album Money will be released on Tuesday May 24th, 2011