Atlantic Guitar Quartet Concert Update

By now I don't think it comes as a surprise that I am living multiple lives as a blogger, teacher, and performer. My classical guitar quartet the Atlantic Guitar Quartet is a major focus of my creative energy and we have done extraordinarily well in our short life span as speaker heads for contemporary classical music. Currently, we are performing the music of Ron PearlRoland Dyens, and Olivier Bensa. The combined language of these composers makes for a concert experience that explores different techniques, sounds, colors, and offers the audience the visual intrigue that only contemporary concerts can. A recording of the work Paroles from Bensa is attached below which was from a recent AGQ performance at Salisbury University.

Our next performance is at the Jordan Faye Contemporary Gallery in Baltimore MD this December 10th at 7:30. Advance ticket sales can be found via Ticket Leap, and more information regarding the quartet and this concert can be found over at Facebook and Twitter. The quartet will also be recording this week so give the twitter account a follow for pictures from the studio!

My past year with AGQ has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. The repertoire is unique, engaging, challenging, and an outlet for serious musical consideration. We have performed up and down the Atlantic seaboard and have met some entertaining and interesting people along the way. One of them even happened to be a bee keeping lawyer who was generous enough to share some of his 30 year old honey stock with us – a rare treat indeed. 

The quartet is currently in the middle of an extended project to commission new works and then record this music to our debut album. The set from Ron Pearl on this weekend's concert is the first of these commissioned works to find its way into the public area by means of our hands. Your attendance at these concerts helps to support us in this work. However, if you would like to support AGQ in a more sizable and tax deductible way you can also donate to us by way of Fractured Atlas, whom we are fiscally sponsored by. Please consider becoming a patron, but start by becoming an audience member. We hope to see you this weekend. You dig?