Air Review – America's Son

Here's a track I've been digging lately that I'd like to share with you. It's called "America's Son" by the band Air Review. They are based out of Texas and have a good folk-rock / Americana sound, though that description probably is inaccurate for being too reductive and simple. This track comes from an upcoming EP, due out this fall. Each track will be released as a single over the next several months and "America's Son" is the first.

America's Son by airreview

I really like how the song starts. It's not one of those shot-out-of-a-cannon dynamos, but there's nevertheless a confidence to its steady beat and something captivating about the simple plinks of piano and finger picked guitar. It got my attention. The vocals throughout are strong, and the tone gives a feeling of journey. I kept envisioning different scenes of someone traveling all over the country and just taking everything in.

And overall, this song had a comfortable familiarity even on my first listen, as if it were a favorite I returned to often. Perhaps Air Review was foreshadowing their destiny as a band many are going to embrace for a long time to come. I for one am excited to hear their forthcoming music. You can learn more about the band at their website here.