A Change is Gonna Come

After the departure of dailybeatz from the blog game (you'll be missed!) and a discussion I had with some lovely bloggers on turntable.fm today, I came to somewhat of a revelation. Here's the thing: I love blogging and I love what Those Who Dig has become. The problem is, we started this site with a major focus on writing and analysis and for me, personally, the amount of time and energy it takes to flesh out a single post has become unsustainable. The crazy amount of things life tends to throw at me means that I don't always have the time or mental capacity to write deeply every night. There's such a huge amount of music I want to share and drop some thoughts about, and I end up having so little time to share it that I need to change things up.

So from this point out, I'm going to be switching up the way I post a bit. I'm going to be focusing on more frequent content and shorter, to-the-point write ups. This doesn't mean any of our features, articles, or in-depth band reviews will go away. They'll just be supplemented by a (hopefully) quicker and more consistent flow of all the weird, wild, and wonderful tunes I think all of our dear readers should be tickling their eardrums with.

I'll be shooting for a happy medium between a quick-post Tumblr style account and the in-depth, thought provoking style you've come to know and love at Those Who Dig. This will be a good thing for me, since it means the blog will start to be less of a chore, and a great thing for you, since it means more awesome music comin' atcha.

Hope you guys are into it. We have big, big plans for the future at Dig Central so keep on diggin'.