A Bunch of Cool Things

No real theme to this post, I just have a few songs and videos I want to share. Some are older, some are new. Some are tracks, some are videos. They're all cool. Hope you dig them.

Field Mouse has released a video for their song "Tomorrow Is Yesterday." I won't spoil the main narrative, but besides the story, we also get some cool footage of the band performing that uses quick looks at members individually and often focuses on their instruments. It's all well-shot, and the editing matches well to the energy of the track.

That video just came out last week. Here's one that's a few months old which slipped by me: "Yr Not Alone" by Cat Martino. We've had the song on the blog before and now it has a very nice visual accompaniment. The video is really about motion and color. Cat and several others dance the entire time, with a variety of moves that seem to mix the elegant with the zany, and throughout there are different shifts and lighting and texture. It looks great. The song comes from an album you can get here.

Two weeks ago, MS MR released their debut full length record Secondhand Rapture. A few of their videos & tracks have been on TWD and if you liked them, you should dig the album. It's quite good. The sound is easy to immerse in and the stories of the many of the songs are quite gripping. The band did something pretty cool with the release, which is create this website, a place where you can listen to the album with full screen visual accompaniment. It's not quite music video, more like short art projects that loop, but it's still a neat experience. The site also links to places where you can buy Secondhand Rapture.

Another album I've been enjoying is the self-titled latest from Caveman. It's never good to read much into a band name, but I will say that the music is really far from anything you'd associate with the primitive. They make really engrossing, atmospheric tracks like the wonderful "In the City," which now has a music video. This one is pretty incredible, for a few reasons. One is that I've wondered whatever happened to Julia Stiles and now I know she at least is still around doing cool things. The next is that for the first half or so, it just beautifully captures New York. It doesn't have to specifically be New York, I just like it for a way to show the urban experience in a very emotionally compelling way. Finally, it's got a riveting narrative that I want to let you experience without any foreknowledge as I did. Not what I expected from how the video began, I'll just say that!

The last thing I have for you today is the latest single from Wildlife by Sunglasses. This band has a really cool energy and the tracks on the album present a varied, fun sonic landscape full of interesting sounds. You can check out "Blessing" below.